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Skin Care

Beautiful skin is deeper than we see from the outside.  Nutrition, stress, and the environment all impact your skin. At Skyn we want you not only to feel pampered when you come see us, but we want to work you on a program that ensures the healthiest skin for you now, and in the matter what your age or complexion challenge!

We tailor our approach to each client's needs by first understanding their lifestyle and environment and then developing a personalized skin care program for maximum benefits.  Caring for your skin is a partnership between the client and the esthetician, with the best results coming from both treatment and client support. A complementary consultation is always available.


Removes surface dead skin cells and vellus hair (peach fuzz)

SMALL AREA - (30 min) $45   


WHOLE FACE - (60 min) $95


DERMA PLANE FACIAL- (75-90 min) $165-$190

All facial treatments will be customized for individual skin  needs. All facials include the appropriate massage, mask, moisturizer, and sun block.

This is a specific facial for the treatment of adult and teenage acne. It helps prevent scarring, includes anti-inflammatory and antibacterial deep pore cleansing with extractions. This facial will vary according to the skin condition and medication you may be using. Can be combined with dermatological care.  

QUICK FIX - (45 min) $75-$130. Extreme results in under one hour. Customizable treatment targeting acne, dehydration, inflammation, fatigued skin, etc.

THE HEALER - (75 min) $150-$175 depending on mask choice. The aesthetician will help you design a treatment that targets your needs. Leaving you and your skin feeling replenished and renewed.

VERT BEAUTY - (90-120 min) $150-195. Complete indulgence. A treatment designed just for you to get your skin fit and recharged while leaving you feeling rested and vibrant. 

PEELS -$50

Intense exfoliation that helps brighten the complexion, tighten enlarged pores, and reduce dark spots. Can be incorporated into a facial or as a stand alone treatment. 


These masks may be added to any facial to enhance your results.

AQUA LIFT - $20.
Presenting the foundation of youth from the sea! This unique treatment utilizes marine spring water, which  

naturally combines a firming and toning action with a powerful anti-aging effect.

Great for all skin types, but ideal for water starved skin. Freeze dried seaweed pads contain essential nutrients and are applied to restore the skin's ability to retain moisture. Your skin is immediately hydrated.

An innovative technique for the eye area that reduces puffiness and dark circles, relieves tired eyes, and

minimizes wrinkles and fine lines. It combines specific, delicate massage of the eye area and the application of eye contour pads that restore the firm, youthful appearance of the skin around the eyes. Best results are obtained when done in a series.


Photo by Lucy Saechao

*Cancellation Policy -

24 hours notice for all cancellations or guest will be charged in full for the service booked. 

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