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Microblade Artist

Nicole is a licensed Permanent Makeup Artist certified in Microblading. Her approach to Microblading is a collaborative process to achieve your perfect custom brows! Properly shaped brows can frame your face, adding symmetry and highlight your natural beauty. Create a more youthful appearance and save time in your beauty routine by having perfect brows 24/7! We take in to consideration your skin texture, facial features, and personal style to customize the best brows for you.

What to expect: 

  1. Upon arrival we will have a brief consultation to discuss what brow style and shape you’re most attracted to. 

  2. Then we will proceed to outline the shape, mapping the brow. We won’t move on until  we have your approval and you are 100% satisfied with the shape!

  3. Once the shape is approved we will apply a topical aesthetic to numb the area. 

  4. Now the real magic happens! We will begin the process of Microblading. 

  5. At the end of your service we will go ahead and book your touch up 6-8 weeks from your initial appointment. 

  6. We will send you home with aftercare healing ointment and special instructions so that you can get the best results! 

  7. At your touch up appointment we will be able to evaluate your healed results and make any necessary adjustments. 


Microblading $450: Microblading is a new form of semi-permanent make-up performed by a trained and licensed permanent make-up artist. Pigment is manually deposited into the upper layers of the skin in hair-like incisions to enhance, reshape or fill in your eyebrows. Microblading alone can create the illusion of 3D hair strokes and is the most natural out of all the styles. Only suitable for those who have dry to normal skin. Appointment time approx 3.5 hrs+.


Microblade + Shade $475: Microblade + Shade which is Microblading with a little bit of added shading for more definition, but still on the natural side. Only suitable for dry to normal skin types. Appointment time approx 3.5 hrs+.


2nd Session Complimentary: A touch up appointment will be scheduled following your initial visit within 6-8 weeks.

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