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Shawna McMahon, C.P.E.
Board Certified Electrologist


Shawna is a seeker of beauty, well being and has a deep appreciation for fashion, art, and interiors. She is passionate about keeping up with current trends and enjoyed participating in New York Fashion week 2017 and 2018. 

CALL/TEXT 206-235-1500


*Free Consultations are always available

15 Minutes $55

20 Minutes $60

1/2 Hour  $75

45 Minutes  $100

1 Hour  $125

*Save 10% when you a purchase a package*

Hair Services

Women's Cut $110

Bang Trim (maintenance) No Charge

Clean up (maintenance) No Charge

Blondes Brondes Brunettes Silvers

Blowout $80

Partial Babylights $200+

Partial Balayage w/Haircut $275+

Full Balayage $300

Full Balayage with Haircut $375+

Color w/Balayage $290

Root Retouch w/Balayage and Haircut $350+

All Over color $115

Root Retouch $80

Root Retouch with Haircut $220

Toner/Gloss with Haircut $220

Foilayage 350+

Full Foil with Haircut $220

Partial Foil w/Root Retouch and Haircut $230

All Over Color with Foil and Haircut $275


Underarm $50+

Brow/Shaping $25-$50

Back $80+


Quick Fix - (45 min) $75-$130. Extreme results in under one hour. Customizable treatment targeting acne, dehydration, inflammation, fatigued skin, etc.

The Healer - (75 min) $150-175 depending on time and mask choice. Shawna will help you design a treatment that targets your needs. Leaving you and your skin feeling replenished and renewed. 

Vert Beauty - (90-120 min) $150-195. Complete indulgence. A treatment designed just for you to get your skin fit and recharged while leaving you feeling rested and vibrant. 

*see skin care page for masks and treatment add-ons


Full Face (60 min) $95

Partial Face (30 min) $55

DermaPlane Facial (75-90 min) $165-$190

Lash/Brow Tinting

Lash Tint $45

Brow Tint $30

Brow Lamination $90 (+ Tint $100)

Brow Tint $30 (+ Wax $50)

Photo by Lucy Saechao
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